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    The best way to find yourself is
    to lose yourself in the service of others.
    We care for the wellbeing of underpriveleged children
    Improving their journey through life
    Contributing to building a better society
    Loren Ipsum Dolor Sit

Why we were founded:

Several of the directors have had experiences that personally motivated them to begin this initiative and have obseved that much of the charity distributed in Trinidad and Tobago do not necessarily reach those meant for, nor is the help consistent or allow overall physical and mental health of children.

About HLFF
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    Provision of formula for babies and food hampers that consist of items for balanced meals.

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    Holistic physiotherapy, yoga and meditation and ayurvedic health education clases for toddlers.

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    Conduct social classes in community centers around the country.

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    Single Parenting

    to create a structure that will allow for support of the child financially by making weekly of monthly contribution toward the child expenses, and non-financially through the children's social events.

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  • "I joined the Happy Little Feet Foundation because 100% donations go toward its intended purpose, all of the members come from humble beginnings and we know that helping underprivileged children at their most tender stage in their lives really helps them to grow as healthy adults and to shape a better future”. We hear all sorts of stories about charities collecting millions and just pennies reach to those who need it. Being part of Happy Little Feet is my way to give back, give thanks and share the blessings and opportunities I have had in my life."


An Organization You Can Trust

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